The Cheesecake Factory at Home tasked us with giving their famous Brown Bread a little more exposure by making 8 social videos. 3 varieties of their bread had been in stores for a year but the buzz wasn't quite there. What creates buzz? Tech events. That's why we chose to have the Brown Bread be the buzz of the bakers ball.
We reached out to consumers who engaged on The Cheesecake Factory's social media platforms and used their actual comments in the videos. They were stoked.
What were my roles?
- Art Direction
- Concept Creation
- Storyboarding
- Videography
Came up with a buncha sweet, hot, fluffyĀ concepts. They liked 3 out of the five but chose "It's Here".
Got to fleshing out that concept direction and storyboarding the daylights outta those vids.

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