We came up with a set of 30 or so Rebus puzzles to create allure ​and a bit of mystery. We posted them all over the city via wild postings, guerilla marketing, and partnering with iconic Seattle establishments. The results were overwhelmingly with us successful smashing the all-time attendance record of over 10k visitors.​
What was my role?
Layout design for all social, print, and digital platforms including all banner ads, digital emailers, wild postings and community collaborations.
Designed and created mechanicals for swag such as Jones Soda bottles, tote bags, Cinerama popcorn bags, etc.
Created and packaged graphic assets for the MoPOP design team.

If you like videos, you came to the right place! This will give you the lowdown on all things MoPOP and just may be the greatest video of all time. For this project.

Wild postings = Gold Addy Award

Thousands of pieces of gum make for sticky arms but social media chewed it up.

Big Mario's Pizza made tubular pies.

Cupcake Royal and Princess Peach was a match made in taste heaven.

Rudy's Barbershop lowered ears and raised excitement for the iconic museum.

Cinerama posted-up.

Cinerama kept it POPpin' inside as well.


Banner ad takeovers

King Street Station went batty. Roy Batty.

Edgewater Hotel informed the seals and eels of the going ons at the museum.

Jones Soda made POP culture history.

The Death Star got sacked.

Launch banners

It's a sign!

Sky Church. Whoa.

More Sky Church.

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