A coming of age magazine curating the underbelly of the creative arts.
It's got it all, folks. Chalk full of awkward articles, poems, and even trash cans. There are puns too... Several, very awful puns.
Oooh, look. It's even got an index. How about that.
Made this ad, too. If you'd like to read the article from Lapham's, check it out here. Shout out to Garret Keizer for writing such a freaking cool article.
Lind's Redding wrote a brutally honest essay on life in advertising right before he died. Long story short, he didn't care much for it.

William Safire of the New York Times once suggested that "the root of this pace-growing use of puns is often a headliner-writer’s need for quick catchiness, and has resulted in a new tolerance for a long-despised form of humor." This was pun-intentional.
Turns out Paul Rand wasn't that stoked about stuff either. Huh.
My secret is out. I love graffiti on trash cans. With this passion for the gross in-tow, I set out to catalog the most well curated  cans in the cleanest neighborhood in Seattle. Capitol Hill.
Terrance Hayes is an incredible author and poet. And Lighthead's Guide to the Galaxy is somethin' special. It was the perfect poem to get all kinds of artsy-fartsy with.
Have a flip-through if you're so inclined. Have one even if you're not.

Yay! There's more?

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