Hello! I’m a Seattle-based designer, art & music fanatic, husband, and cat-dad. I graduated from SCCA in 2016 and have worked as a designer at a couple of amazing content/advertising agencies and even the illustrious Pike Place Market since. I moved into freelance to focus on a wider range of opportunities and have been working with Convoy Inc. over the last year+. I'm continuing to look for new opportunities as well.

Whether it’s a gig poster, a brand overhaul, designing logos, creating environmental graphics, or a quick brochure layout, I enjoy a wide array of challenges. I thrive with collaboration and pride myself on working well with others. That being said, I've mostly worked from home the last few years and can see projects through from start to finish on my own.

Feel free to drop me a line to talk about your next project, big or small. You can find me at e@ericianroche.com.
Here's a few clients I've had the pleasure of working with: Convoy Inc., Pike Place Market, Sparkling Ice, MoPOP, Amazon, The Cheesecake Factory, Greenhouse, Virginia Mason, Krusteaz, Savers/Value Village, Darigold, PCC, Nike, Shimano, Redapt, Wexley School for Girls, Chemo Kitchen, BreadnButter, Willies Reserve, GreenRubino
Check my easy listening playlist below if you're so inclined.
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