I've had the pleasure of working on Sparkling Ice campaigns for 3 years now. There's a lot of things that I was able to do over that time. I've created a typeface, worked on 3 separate campaigns, wrote a rap song, created recipe videos, did image retouching, made motivational posters, was a hand model, done voice work, and created a ton of social video posts. There's probably some more in there, but who's keeping track.

Learned Glyphs, modified Gotham Ultra and created a 3d shadow all for 3 low payments of $9.99.

Wrote a rap song. Snuck in a line about The Lost Colony of Roanoke. So historically swaggy.

Ooooooh, a video montage. Nice. Sparkling Nice.

Some weird lil' goodies.

Yay! There's more?

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