There is nothing better than a good villain. They evoke fear, anxiety and stress, yet you can't look away. The SSFFF is an homage to the villains. Are they truly evil, or are they just tasked to finish the job that we started? 
Here are a few iterations of the logo design process.
Sketch, sketch, sketch. Vector, vector, vector.
Swag, Print & Motion.
Wash, rinse, repeat.
This is a nine part poster series that is to meant be handed out at the viewings of the respective films.

The [RUN] "tagline" stems from run/dos/run. One of societies first touchpoints with personal computers was MS-DOS (MicroSoft Disc Operating System) in the early 80s. Since the archaic initial versions of our personal computers, technology has become a cornerstone in easing our lives to the point that we rely on it to complete the most mundane points of our lives. 

The villains showcased in the SSFFF were all created to perform a task. Unfortunately these tasks might not be inline with what the creators had intended.
This video is the main trailer for the SSFFF. It will be featured before the screenings of the films.
This is an Instagram promotional trailer for the SSFFF. 
This is the second Instagram promotional trailer made for the SSFFF. The trailers are not meant to be informative. They are meant to be formidable and borderline threatening.

Yay! There's more?

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