Pardon My French (Excusez Mon Français) is a coloring book that developed from a 100 page sketchbook project.

I was tasked to fill up a journal with 100 sketches. I drew 120 single(ish) line drawings and titled all of the sketches with the prefix "Le".

The idea for the book stemmed from an "exquisite corpse," a method by which a collection of words, or images, is collectively assembled. Collaborators add to each sequence, following a given set of rules. 

People will add to the book, take pictures, and upload them to social media with the hashtag #lecorpse. Users can see others creations, add to them, and caption their creations with new titles.
The sketches were a daily log of things around me. It was fun to come up with captions for these items. Most of the captions were the first things that popped in to my mind, others were spawned out of my love of a good pun. 
The index was as much fun to curate as the book itself. At first, I made direct translations for the captions, then I started getting creative. "Le Rock" became "The Dwayne Johnson", "Le Stapler" became "The Tipping Point", "Le Relic" became "The Nokia", etc. 
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